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I'm here to you help you comply with the Saskatchewan Fire Code and to help protect your people, property, and assets. 
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Jim Burns, NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist

Why Burns Fire Code Solutions?

As a fire investigator, I commonly heard the phrase "I never thought it would happen to me" and "it all happened so fast". Unfortunately, fires do happen! The results can be devastating. I've seen businesses close shop and countless people displaced from their homes and businesses. Many fires are preventable. Burns Fire Code Solutions can help you reduce the risk of fires in your building and mitigate the consequences. 

I've seen employees and homeowners make fires worse through their actions. With some training, they would have understood that they were fueling the fire to grow bigger. Knowing and understanding the risks in your building, knowing how to prevent fires, and how to respond to fires can help in preventing fires and reducing their impact of fires. Burns Fire Code Solutions can assist in fire warden training for your staff and the occupants of your buildings. 

In addition to providing fire inspection, code consulting, and training services, Burns Fire Code Solutions will work with you and the local fire department to create a site-specific fire safety plan. The fire safety plan will help you understand the fire protection and life safety features in your building, the risks, and how to minimize those risks. The fire safety plan will provide emergency procedures for staff and identify supervisory staff (fire warden/floor warden) and their training so that they understand the risks and respond appropriately.

what's in a name?

Burns - My last name. Rarely a day goes by when I don't hear someone say, you've got the perfect last name for this job. The first time I heard it was when I was standing onstage to receive a scholarship at Seneca, I remember the individual giving out the awards leaning over and whispering, 'you have the perfect last name for this industry!' It's been a recurring theme throughout my adult life. 

Fire Code - I love the fire code! I've been around the building and fire code for 20 years. I enjoy talking to people about the fire code and relating the requirements to fire dynamics. I also enjoy talking about the building code requirements and the importance of maintaining buildings for life safety and property protection. 

Solutions - Consulting, Group, Services, etc. there are any number of words that I could have used. And I thought about it at length. Solutions won because I've seen the struggles of owners and property managers with complying with the code. I've seen owners struggle to find quality service providers. Ultimately, I chose Solutions because I will provide solutions to resolve your fire code compliance issues. If I don't have the solutions for you, I will direct you to the person or company that does

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I've seen buildings from cradle to grave

As a building and fire code consultant, I worked with Architects and Engineers from schematic design through permitting to construction and occupancy. With Regina Fire and Protective Services, I reviewed plans for the fire department and inspected all types of buildings and occupancies. As a fire investigator, I investigated fires to determine the origin, cause, and circumstances of a fire. In addition, I also identified code-related issues relevant to fire growth and spread. Fire investigations helped me see the code requirements in the real world. In addition, I saw firsthand the consequences of not complying. 

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How did you get started in the industry?

In grade 11, I participated in a co-op program that placed students in the workplace. I applied to Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services. After completing the test and interview process, I was awarded one of two co-op positions. This is when I found my passion. 

I went to Seneca College, where I completed the Fire Protection Engineering Technician and Technology diplomas. I also completed an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (EMCA) diploma from Centennial College.  

Since graduating, I have pursued continuing education through formal educational institutions such as Manitoba Emergency Services College, Justice Institute of British Columbia, and Laurentian University. In addition, I have continued to pursue informal education opportunities through webinars, seminars, blogs, and other online learning opportunities. 


I’ve been in the fire protection and life safety industry since 2002. I started my career with LRI Engineering. I was hired to assist with the fire alarm system design at Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. I then transitioned into building and fire code consulting until becoming a municipal fire inspector in 2010. I earned my Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) designation from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 2005. In 2019 I was selected to be a voting member on the Standing Committee on Fire Protection for the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC), now the Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC)

In 2021, I left the fire service and returned to code consulting. During this time, I worked on projects in other provinces. During this time, I realized that I wanted to work on projects in Saskatchewan, and I enjoy working with building owners, architects, and engineers. With this in mind, I started Burns Fire Code Solutions in 2022 to:  

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