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Podcasts for Fire Protection and Life Safety Enthusiasts - 2021 Update

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Last year I wrote a blog post titled 16 Podcasts for Fire Protection and Life Safety Enthusiasts. My blog post actually got tweeted by NFPA, which was pretty great. In this past year, the list has doubled. There are some interesting new podcasts that cover a range of topics including: fire science, fire & smoke control, fire stopping and general fire protection and life safety. I’ll be honest, I can’t keep up and listen to all of them. 

Image of NFPA tweet about the first blog 16 podcasts for fire protection and life safety enthusiasts

The podcast game is changing. I wrote a blog post last year titled Data Analysis & Public Education: 8 Questions to Assess Your Public Education Campaign. In researching for that article, I found that Forbes and other sources indicate that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, processing more than “3 billion searches per month.” So, it is no wonder that some podcasts have moved to video. More recently, according to an article in The Guardian, “Amazon Music paid a reputed $80m for Smartless … Want more? In July, Netflix appointed its first head of podcasts.” The podcast game continues to grow.

In case you missed the last post, I gave a bit of advice in terms of those new to listening to podcasts. Don’t start at the first podcast and listen to all of them. Find a specific episode on a topic you want to listen to and start there. Then go back to some of the initial episodes. Like everything, it takes time to develop a product. The podcaster and podcast develop over time.

Fire Science Show

“Fire Science Show is connecting fire researchers and practitioners with a society of fire engineers, firefighters, architects, designers and all others, who are genuinely interested in creating a fire-safe future. Through interviews with a diverse group of experts, we present the history of our field as well as the most novel advancements. We hope the Fire Science Show becomes your weekly source of fire science knowledge and entertainment.”

Episode topics: Cognitive biases and decision making in evacuation modeling, zone modeling, AI in smart firefighting and the future of FSE PBD

Number of episodes: 9

Time commitment: 50 – 70 minutes

Fire & Smoke Control Podcast

“Cori-Seal Systems brings you a series of podcasts on Fire and Smoke Control with your hosts Steve Cunningham and Allan Hurdle. In these podcasts Steve and Allan will discuss all things fire and smoke (as the title suggests!), they bring in some interesting guests within the fire and smoke industry to find an answer to your query.”

Episode topics: Fire Risk Assessments/Competency, Ducts & Dampers, Fire & Smoke Control Engineering

Number of episodes: 7

Time commitment: 35 – 60 minutes

The Burn Podcast 

“The Burn takes a dive into the life safety and code requirements for compliance in modern construction. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to design, build or erect a super tall, or how manufacturers test their products to meet codes and standards… then you’ve come to the right place.

We are going to be sitting down and picking the brains of thought leaders and subject matter experts at third-party testing agencies, building product manufacturers, architects, contractors, and of course the best of the best in the fire protection industry.”

Episode topics: Interviews with people in various fire protection and life safety fields.

Number of episodes: 8

Time commitment: 15 – 35 minutes

Show Me the Code

“Show Me the Code is a vlog surrounding all topics Fire Protection related with experts spanning all areas of construction and long-term maintenance of these critical life safety systems. The only demand, the codes and standards are cited for easier reference to make them easy to understand and retain.”

Episode topics: Occupant evacuation with elevators, Smoke control, Flame detection.

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 45 – 65 minutes

Assembly Point Podcast

“More than three years following the devastating circumstances of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, what is being done to ensure that everyone involved in the design, construction, and management of buildings, as well as those who occupy them, understands their role in minimising the risks?

The Fire Protection Association’s Howard Passey, respected fire safety professional, is joined by industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss all things fire safety.

From legislative change and improving safety standards to the need for greater education and training, we’re seeking to move the debate on fire safety forwards and identify ways to work together to improve standards.

A podcast series by the Fire Protection Association. Created as part of our Know Your Building campaign.”

Episode topics: Fire Safety Reform, Know Your Building, Asset Protection, Building a Solid Foundation in Fire Safety

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 35 – 45 minutes

TechTalks – A Viking Podcast

“Each week Viking’s technical services team answers hundreds of phone calls and emails with requests for technical information and assistance. TechTalks, our new podcast, taps the Viking experts and provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. We also explore other favorite technical topics and fire protection trends. Tune in weekly!”

Episode topics: FM DS 8-9 Storage Sprinkler Revisions, Residential Sprinklers, Flow Control Systems, Preaction Systems

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 15 – 65 minutes

Solutions that save

“Solutions that Save is a fire safety podcast from Perimeter Solutions, a premier global solutions provider producing high-quality firefighting products. Listen as our experts and industry leaders discuss products and innovations that impact critically important life issues – issues where there often is no room for error, and the job doesn’t offer second chances.”

Episode topics: Long-term fire retardant history and innovation 

Number of episodes: 2

Time commitment: 10 – 20 minutes

FTI – Life & Fire Safety Podcast Series

“At Fire Technology Innovations, we believe that technology and innovation can help people solve the world’s wicked problems. Our podcast series brings in industry experts to explore how we can work together to provide education, leverage data, gathered through research, measurement, and analytics to deliver and continually improve results. The goal is helping save lives, protect property and stay healthy in a cost-efficient, sustainable way.”

Episode topics: Is fire extinguisher code being followed? The Rusoh Eliminator

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 25 – 75 minutes

Reliable sprinklers webcast

“This webcast is dedicated to all things sprinkler related. Check it out if you want technical information on sprinklers, valves and systems, applications and codes.”

Episode topics: All things sprinkler related

Number of episodes: 20

Time commitment: 30 – 75 minutes

The Fire Safety Podcast

“The Fire Safety Podcast discusses topics of fire safety, fire science, and best practices in the context of flow arts and fire dancing. We focus on a topic rich not only in information, but also philosophies of community building and growth.”

Episode topics: NFPA 160, The Fire Safety Project

Number of episodes: 2

Time commitment: 20 – 40 minutes

Design with glowradium

“Podcast episodes about general ‘design’ concepts of fire sprinkler systems”

Episode topics: Hydraulic calculations, Hazard Classifications, Ceiling Pockets in Residential Design, Design Phases,

Number of episodes: 33

Time commitment: 1 – 15 minutes

Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast

“The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast is a conversation series that showcases fire protection industry experts discussing everything from fire protection systems in mission critical facilities to in-depth specifics on advanced fire protection technology.”

Episode topics: Large water mist applications, industrial fire protection, Fike’s Micromist fire suppression system

Number of episodes: 22

Time commitment: 5 – 10 minutes

Prevention is Better

“The purpose will be to share interesting stories, and the people behind them, that are connected to the mission of cooking fire prevention.”

Episode topics: SmartBurners, interviews with various fire prevention personnel.

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 15 – 25 minutes

The Low Down on LHD

The podcast covers topics related to Protectowire Fire Systems.

Episode topics: All about linear heat detection

Number of episodes: 7

Time commitment: 5 – 15 minutes


“MDM Publishing Ltd, publishers of International Fire Protection, Asia Pacific Fire, International Fire Fighter, Gulf Fire and UK Fire offer an exclusive and professionally produced podcast service for our clients around the world … “

Episode topics: Gas Suppression Systems for Critical Sites, Advanced Fire Systems and Industry Insights, Translating Successes of Wildfire Technology Applications into the Electric Utility Industry

Number of episodes: 8

Time commitment: 5 – 35 minutes

Fire Ecology Chats 

Episode topics: Communicating Fire Science Through Art, Fire Management, Policies and Change, Prescribed Fire Science

Number of episodes: 12

Time commitment: 5 – 15 minutes