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16 Podcasts for Fire Protection and Life Safety Enthusiasts

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I started listening to podcasts a few years ago. The topics that dominate my listening have morphed over the years, from AI to BJJ and from python programming to punk rock. But over the past couple of years I discovered podcasts related to the fire protection & life safety industry. There are podcasts related to code issues, fire protection systems design, fire investigations, and public education. There truly are podcasts for any subject, idea and industry.

Podcast Explosions

Podcasts are big. They are no longer just a basement setup. As I write this, according to The Wall Street Journal, Joe Rogan has reportedly signed a deal with Spotify worth more than $100 million. Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel, the Joe Rogan Experience, has almost 8.5 million subscribers. To put that in perspective, the New York Times has 2.88 million subscribers, while the Wall Street Journal has 2.17 million subscribers. The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast!!!

Never Listened to a Podcast?

If you’re new to podcasts, you’re not alone. Lots of people don’t listen to them. But I do recommend that you try listening to a few. If you are just getting into listening to podcasts my recommendation is that you don’t start at the podcasters first episode. It often takes the podcaster a few episodes to find their groove and work out the kinks. Find a specific episode about a topic you want to listen to and start there. There are anomalies though. Some podcasts start out with no glitches, especially now with the resources available. But they aren’t the norm.

These podcasts tend to be industry driven, not the basement setup. So, jump forward to a topic that interests you and then go back to the original episodes once you’ve established whether you like the podcast. It’s interesting to hear the progression of a podcast and podcaster over time. You may not like the podcasters delivery, or style and that’s fine. Just find another podcast, there are tons of them available. Just find a topic you want to learn about or listen to. Sit back and enjoy.

For me, I listen while I’m driving or doing things around the house. Podcasts have changed over the years to also include video. I’m not really one for watching podcasts, mostly because of the way I consume them. But that’s just me.

If you are just getting into listening to podcasts my recommendation is that you don’t start at the podcasters first episode. It often takes the podcaster a few episodes to find their groove and work out the kinks. Find a specific episode about a topic you want to listen to and start there.

The List

Here is a list (in no particular order) of podcasts related to the fire protection and life safety community. The list below contains a brief description, as well as some of the topics covered, number of episodes produced as of May 2020, as well as a rough estimate of time commitment required. If you know of other podcasts, please let me know. I’ve included a current list as well as some that are now defunct. Who knows which ones you may find interesting? Also, there are other podcasts that randomly have a couple of episodes related to fire protection or life safety, I didn’t include these.

“A Podcast about everything Fire Sprinkler! New products, Installations, interesting discussions about the Fire Sprinkler Industry!”

Episode topics: It’s not just a clever name! The topics cover all things fire sprinkler related. 

Number of episodes: > 40

Time commitment: 20 – 60 minutes. Typically, around 30 minutes.

“Our goal with the podcast is to drive awareness, knowledge, connection, and change in the safe handling of combustible dust materials.” 

Episode topics: Name it and they’ve likely covered it. This is an extensive library on dust safety. 

Number of episodes: > 70

Time commitment: 20 – 40 minutes

“Every second Tuesday of the month NFPA Journal’s Jesse Roman, associate editor, Angelo Verzoni, staff writer, and other experts will dive deep into the latest trends and issue in fire, electrical and life safety.”

Episode topics: International hospital fires, the Worchester cold storage fire, fire and life safety ecosystem, escape room safety … 

Number of episodes: > 30

Time commitment: 5 – 30 minutes

“The IAAI and CFITrainer.Net present these podcasts with a focus on issues relating to fire investigation. With expertise from around the world, the International Association of Arson Investigators produces these podcasts to bring more information and electronic media to fire investigators looking for training, education and general information about fire investigation. Topics include recent technologies, issues in the news, training opportunities, changes in laws and standards and any other topic that might be of interest to a fire investigator or industry professional affected by fire. Information is presented using a combination of original stories and interviews with scientists, leaders in fire investigation from the fire service and the law enforcement community.”

Episode topics: Everything fire investigation related. 

Number of episodes: > 80

Time commitment: 5 – 45 minutes. Typically, less than 30 minutes.

“Hosted by Rodger Reiswig, Fellow and Vice President of Industry Relations at Johnson Controls, each episode features timely discussions on a range of industry topics.” 

Episode topics: smoke control design, mass notification systems, performance-based design of fire and life safety systems, and risk analysis.

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 20 – 40 minutes

Fire Code Tech explores all facets of fire protection. The host, Gus Gagliardi, is a fire protection designer who interviews individuals with careers ranging from forensics to fire safety research. Topics discussed on the podcast include professional development, engineering, technology codes and standards, industry trends, design and more.

Episode topics: combustible dust hazmat response, research and emerging technologies, performance-based design. 

Number of episodes: 3

Time commitment: 1 hour

“Welcome to Flame Front Radio with John McDermott! Each episode presents a different topic as it relates to the fire, arson & explosion investigation community where we’ll discuss a variety of topics with subject matter experts and professionals whom are active in their field.” 

Episode topics: wildland arsonists, investigating large fire losses, NFPA 921, importance of continuing education, arsonist profiling …  

Number of episodes: 6

Time commitment: 25 minutes – 1.25 hours

Episode topics: Mental health, MeToo in the Fire Service, Drones, Cannabis Challenges, Emergency Preparedness and Management, Hoarding … 

Number of episodes: 26

Time commitment: 20 – 30 minutes

“CRR Radio is your podcast source of information all about CRR. Each episode features interviews with people who are using CRR in their communities and experts in a variety of fields, giving you information you can use!”

Episode topics: Covid-19 Series, Using IPads and VR to teach fire safety, using GIS to map opioid usage, NFPA 1300, new UL Standard for smoke alarms … 

Number of episodes: > 40

Time commitment: 15 – 40 minutes

“Since the Grenfell disaster in 2017, conventional approaches to fire safety are being consistently questioned. It is important the fire safety industry rise to the challenges of the future and strategies are improved to prevent further tragedies.

The Open Fire podcast aims to bring together the fire safety industry to include fire risk assessors, fire engineers and consultants. Providing an accessible and informative dialogue that can be comfortably understood by interested parties to include Responsible Persons across the Commercial and Residential sectors to encourage an enlightened, informed and entertaining understanding of current fire safety issues in the modern world.”

Episode topics: fire doors, signage, fire stopping & compartmentation, fire strategies, evacuation approaches … 

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment: 15 – 40 minutes

“Every week the Grenfell Tower Inquiry sits, we analyse and explain the evidence heard.”

Episode topics: all things related to the Grenfell Towers tragedy. 

Number of episodes: 119

Time commitment: 6 – 45 minutes. (Depends on the topic. I only reviewed a few.)

Episode topics: fire and smoke barrier management, proper listed fire stop systems, designing life safety features in health care occupancies … 

Number of episodes: 4

Time commitment: 25 – 60 minutes

“Fire Safety Matters is the UK’s leading B2B publication covering fire safety and evacuation. Every fortnight the FSM editorial team of Brian Sims and Mark Sennett will analyse the latest news as well as getting a legal perspective from lawyer Warren Spencer who has prosecuted more than 150 cases under the Fire Safety Order. Brian and Mark will also interview guests each week talking about the latest industry trends and to help share best practice.” 

Episode topics: third party certification, fire safety bill, fire safety competency. 

Number of episodes:

Time commitment: 45 minutes

“The Fire Protection Podcast dives deep into topics of the fire protection industry. Fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, extinguishers and other life safety systems are discussed. Leaders from all over the world talk about new technologies and processes that are helping improve the fire safety community.”

Episode topics: interview with Fire Sprinkler Podcast, Fire Tech Productions, the Eliminator, Mobile Device Management, Compliance Engine, firefighting foam testing, fire-rated ducting systems …

Number of episodes: 20

Time commitment: 20 – 60 minutes

“Dusty Jobs Podcast is recorded at Imperial Systems Inc. Our focus is to educate and inform the listener about the industry and surrounding topic on dust collection. From explosive dust, the history of dust collection, new products, trade shows and also current news. We will be hearing from some of the industry experts from all over the country in every application. We will learn about metal dust, plasma and laser fume, wood dust, plastic dust, grain dust, and more. Keep up to date with all of the new OSHA and NFPA standards as well.”

Episode topics: 

Number of episodes: 5

Time commitment:  10 – 25 minutes

“The ICC Pulse Podcast is a monthly podcast that offers listeners the inside scoop on the International Code Council and the building safety industry. Episodes of the ICC Pulse Podcast will feature interviews with leading industry experts discussing a wide range of topics including current events and new technologies.”

Episode topics: hoarding, emerging leaders membership council, copywrite issues, and tiny homes. Some of the episodes are conversations with building and fire officials and other industry practitioners.   

Number of episodes: 27

Time commitment: 10 – 35 minutes

Discontinued or no podcasts since January 2020

If you know of a podcast that is out there but not on the list, reach out here and we’ll update the post for future readers.