fire code alternative solutions

Having trouble complying?There are two methods of complying with the Code, either prescriptively, or through an alternative solution. Contact me and we discuss your situation. 

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What is an Alternative solution

The Saskatchewan Fire Code provides two methods of complying with the Code; by following the prescriptive requirements, or via an alternative solution. An alternative solution is a proposed method of complying by demonstrating that the alternative solution meets or exceeds the level of performance of the prescriptive solution. Alternative solutions may be used when the prescriptive methods are not feasible or practical for a particular building or space. 

An alternative solution must be reviewed and approved by the local authority having jurisdiction, such as the fire department or building department. The proposed alternative solution is required to provide detailed information on how it achieves a performance level at least equivalent to that of the prescriptive requirements of the Saskatchewan Fire Code. 

The specifics of the alternative solution need to include in the building's fire safety plan, including any additional inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements that may be above and beyond those identified in the Saskatchewan Fire Code.