fire code consulting

Looking to buy or lease a property? Confused about the fire alarm report, or sprinkler report, or you've received conflicting information from your contractors? Whether you are in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or Moose Jaw, I can help you comply with the Saskatchewan Fire Code. Contact me now. 
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When was the last time your building had a fire inspection? 

You have your fire alarm system and sprinkler systems inspected regularly. However, these contractors look at what is installed and whether they are working. They may not be reviewing these systems for design or installation deficiencies. In addition, many other common fire code violations go unnoticed by these contractors because they focus on the system they were hired to inspect. 

Are you looking to buy or lease a property? 

You have a home inspection before buying a new home, so why not when you purchase or lease a commercial property? If you're buying or leasing a commercial or industrial property, you should have an inspection before signing the paperwork. 

The new space may not be suitable for your intended use, or there may be aged and antiquated systems. If you are responsible for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of these systems, you should know the condition they are in, and when they may need to be replaced. 

How Burns Fire Code SOlutions CAN Help 

Burns Fire Code Solutions is available to provide a second set of eyes on your building to identify fire code deficiencies. In addition, I can review the documentation provided by your fire protection and life safety system service contractors. Upon completion of the inspection and documentation review, you receive a clear and concise report (free from jargon). The report includes photographs identifying fire code compliance issues, guidance, and recommendations. 


Is it a recommendation or a requirement? One fire alarm or sprinkler contractor tells you one thing, and another tells you something else and now you're not sure what to think. No problem, I can give you the advice you need to move forward. 

I can steer you in the right direction. I've provided solutions to countless people confused about the advice offered by fire protection contractors. I provide impartial advice based on the code requirements and your situation. 

Contact me to discuss how I can help you comply with the fire code and protect your people, property, and assets.