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Upcoming fire inspection? Looking to buy or rent a commercial property? Looking to protect your people, property, and assets? Whether you are in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or Moose Jaw, I can help you comply with the Saskatchewan Fire Code. Contact me now. 
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What is a fire inspection 

Fire inspections may include a review of building construction, layout, and use, as well as fire protection and life safety systems, such as sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, portable fire extinguishers, etc. An inspection may also include a review of other fire and life safety hazards, such as blocked exits or the proper storage of materials. If any deficiencies are identified during the inspection, the building owner or property manager must correct the issues

The owner or the owner's authorized agent is responsible for complying with the requirements of the Saskatchewan Fire Code. 

What is the Saskatchewan fire code

The Saskatchewan Fire Code is based on the National Fire Code of Canada, with some amendments specific to Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Fire Code is a set of minimum requirements for a building, site, or property. It outlines requirements for the: 

The Saskatchewan Fire Code also contains provisions regarding fire safety and fire protection features that must be included in buildings containing certain hazardous activities or processes. 

Burns Fire Code Solutions can inspect your building to identify areas of non-compliance and how to address these non-compliant issues. The inspection can include a review of: 

Maybe you don't need a full inspection of your building and have questions about specific aspects. No problem. Contact me to discuss specific inspections such as fire doors, commercial kitchens, and egress & exiting issues. If I do not have the expertise to help, I will direct you to those that do. 

Fire Door Label

Fire Door Label