fire warden training

The Saskatchewan Fire Code requires fire wardens to be trained in their duties before taking responsibility. The occupants of your building can help or hinder fire safety efforts. Let's talk about fire warden training to make sure they help. Whether you are in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or Moose Jaw, I can help you comply with the Saskatchewan Fire Code. Contact me now. 
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Fire Warden Training

Fire safety plan training or fire warden training is the process of educating building occupants about the procedures and guidelines outlined in a fire safety plan. This includes information about how to recognize the signs of a fire, activate the building's fire alarm system, and safely evacuate the building in the event of a fire. In addition, fire safety plan training includes an overview of the fire protection and life safety systems installed in the building, how they work, and how they protect the occupants of the building. You won't see a fire door the same way after my training. 

Fire Wardens & Supervisory staff

The Saskatchewan Fire Code requires that supervisory staff (fire wardens, floor wardens, and other designated staff) be trained in the emergency procedures before being delegated responsibility. 

Note that supervisory staff are those individuals who have some delegated responsibility for the fire safety of other occupants under the fire safety plan. 

Fire Emergency Procedures 

The Saskatchewan Fire Code outlines the minimum fire emergency procedures that must be provided in the fire safety plan. These procedures must be provided in every fire safety plan. 

Fire Emergency Procedures in High Buildings 

In addition to the noted fire emergency procedures above, high buildings must also provide training for fire wardens in the following: 

Burns FIre Code Solutions

Burns Fire Code Solutions will prepare a presentation specific to your building; that meets the requirements of the Saskatchewan Fire Code for supervisory staff (fire wardens, floor wardens) training. This training includes several modules to provide your staff with an understanding of the fire emergency procedures, the building, and the appropriate response to fire incidents. 

I can prepare your training even if I didn't prepare your fire safety plan.