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Avoid fines from the fire department and protect your people and property. As a former fire inspector, I know fire safety plans. Whether you are in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or Moose Jaw, I can help you with your fire safety plan. Call now to book an appointment. 
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Fire Safety Plans IN Saskatchewan 

Burns Fire Code Solutions can assist you in preparing:

If you have questions about fire safety plans, check out the Guide to Fire Safety Plans in Saskatchewan for more information. You can also review my blog on Better Fire Safety Plans

Working with Burns Fire Code Solutions to Prepare Your Fire Safety Plan

You're busy and have a lot on the go. You're looking to get your plan yesterday. You don't need all the jargon. You need a plan that you can understand and implement. 

I make the process easy for you. We start with a project discussion to identify information specific to your building, systems, and personnel. A detailed proposal is provided to you outlining the services provided and timelines. Upon receipt of the signed proposal authorizing approval, the project starts. The lines of communication are maintained throughout the project to keep you informed.  

All fire safety plans comply with the requirements of the Saskatchewan Fire Code and local fire bylaws, such as the Regina Fire Bylaw and the Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services Bylaw

Fire Safety Plans in Regina

Developing a fire safety plan to meet the specific requirements for each building can be challenging. Many building owners are tempted to use a fire safety plan that they downloaded from the internet. However, these templates are generic and do not outline all of the requirements of the Saskatchewan Fire Code. Regina Fire and Protective Services created the following guidance document, Regina Fire Safety Planning Guide. Before preparing your fire safety plan review the guidance documents and contact your insurance provider to determine if there are any issues. 

Burns Fire Code Solutions carries Commercial General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance. 

Fire Safety Plans in Saskatoon

Similar to Regina, Saskatoon Fire Department created the following guide, Saskatoon Fire Safety Planning Guide. This guide provides owners and property managers with additional information on fire plans. As noted above, you should consult your insurance provider before preparing a fire safety plan. 

Communication & Timelines

Burns Fire Code Solutions understands the importance of communication and timeliness. As such, an open line of communication with you is maintained during the entire project, providing you with relevant updates to keep you informed on the progress.

 All project timelines are established at the outset so that we are both aware of and understand the timelines. 

Steps Required to Prepare the Fire Safety Plan 

Documentation Review 

Copies of verification and inspection, testing, and maintenance reports for fire protection and life safety systems installed in the building.

Drawing Review 

Copies of drawings for the building and fire protection and life safety systems installed are required. Alternatively, Burns Fire Code Solutions can prepare floor layout drawings.

Building/Site Audit

A walkthrough of the entire building and site is required. This includes access to all public and secured areas of the building. The site audit is to confirm, 

Audit of Human Resources

This includes the number of staff available, shifts, capabilities, and emergency contacts, as well as establishing the roles and responsibilities. This is done in conjunction with you or a designate. 

Preparation of the Fire Safety Plan and Drawings

Submission to Client

The fire safety plan is provided to you for review and comments. 

Submission to the local Fire Department

While fire safety plans in Saskatchewan are not required to be submitted to the fire department, it is best practice. As such, the fire safety plan is submitted to the local fire department for review and comment. 

Meeting to Discuss the Implementation of the Fire Safety Plan

Contact me now to get started. 

How Do I Implement My Fire Safety Plan? 

A fire safety plan is no good if it sits on a shelf and is not implemented. Implementation of the fire safety plan is one of the most important steps in the fire safety planning process. Burns Fire Code Solutions provides a 9-step process for implementing fire safety plans. 


Retain a current copy of the fire safety plan in the building or the required location. 


Train supervisory staff (fire wardens, floor wardens, etc) in their assigned responsibilities before delegating responsibility. 


Delegate responsibilities to supervisory staff in writing.  


Distribute copies of the emergency procedures to all supervisory staff. 


Post at least one copy of the emergency procedures in each floor area. 


Review and update the plan at least annually or when there are changes to the building, fire protection systems, or supervisory staff. 


Practice evacuation drills and fire drills to reinforce the training. In addition, practicing the emergency evacuation procedures helps identify improvements and gaps. 

Inspect, Test, & Maintain 

Inspect, test, and maintain all fire protection and life safety systems and features.  


Document all fire warden training and other fire safety training, fire drills, ITM procedures, repairs, and operational procedures.