fire drill evaluations

Saskatchewan Fire Code and Occupational Health and Safety Regs require that you document your fire drills. Not sure how to conduct a fire drill? Need some assistance documenting your fire drill, or want someone to oversee the drill? If you're in Saskatchewan contact me so we can discuss fire drills and fire warden training. 
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what is a fire drill

A fire drill is a simulated emergency where occupants practice evacuating a building in response to a fire alarm. The purpose of a fire drill is to help people become familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures so they can safely evacuate in the event of a fire. In addition, fire drills help identify potential weaknesses in the emergency evacuation procedures and to reinforce these procedures for the fire wardens, floor wardens, and other designated supervisory staff. 

Saskatoon Fire Department has created a guideline for fire drills


Fire safety plan training or fire warden training is the process of educating building occupants about the procedures and guidelines outlined in a fire safety plan. Fire warden training should include at least the following information, how to recognize the signs of a fire, activate the building's fire alarm system, and safely evacuate the building. In addition, this training should include an overview of the fire protection and life safety systems installed in the building, how they work, and how they protect the occupants of the building. 

The Saskatchewan Fire Code requires that supervisory staff (fire wardens, floor wardens, and other designated staff) be trained in the emergency procedures before being delegated responsibility. Training should include procedures for helping people that may require assistance. 

What is a fire drill evaluation 

A fire drill evaluation is a process in which the effectiveness of a fire drill is assessed and evaluated. This typically involves reviewing the actions taken during the evacuation drill, analyzing the response of the fire wardens, floor wardens, and other supervisory staff, and identifying areas for improvement. 

Why should we evaluate our fire drill

Fire drill evaluations are important because they help to ensure that fire wardens, floor wardens, and other supervisory staff are prepared and able to respond effectively in the event of a real fire. By identifying weaknesses or areas for improvement in the fire drill, your organization can make necessary changes to the fire safety plan and emergency evacuation procedures. 

Fire drill evaluations can help building owners understand how well their fire wardens understand the emergency evacuation procedures. Fire drill evaluations can help with fire code compliance. In addition, they help to ensure that staff are trained and ready to respond appropriately to a fire emergency and can help to reduce the risk of injury or property damage in the event of a real fire. 


All records of fire drills are required to be maintained for at least 2-years. 

Burns Fire Code Solutions can oversee your fire drill and provide feedback documented in a report for your records.


Fire Drill Frequency Chart from the Saskatchewan Fire Code