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What is a notice of violation

A notice of violation issued by a fire inspector is a formal notice that indicates that a building or space is not in compliance with the Saskatchewan Fire Code, a local fire bylaw, or another applicable standard. It is typically issued after a fire inspection of the building or space. The fire inspector will identify issues that must be addressed. 

Who is responsible for complying with the National Fire Code

The owner or the owner's authorized agent is responsible for complying with the requirements of the Saskatchewan Fire Code. Fire inspectors may issue a report identifying observed deficiencies and required corrective actions, a notice of violation, or an order to remedy contravention. 

Some common fire code violations include:

I've received a notice of violation, WHAT SHOULD I DO? 

If you receive a notice of violation or other paperwork from the fire department, you must initiate action to address the issues raised as soon as possible to avoid further sanctions. There are specific timelines associated with corrective actions required from fire department notices. If you do not address the issues raised in the notice of violation, you may be subject to fines or other penalties. 

Burns Fire Code Solutions can assist you in correcting these violations. If required, I can also negotiate with the authorities on your behalf. 

You may have options such as appealing an order, but there are timelines for appeals. Contact me to discuss your specific situation.